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Global Tribe Boutique

In collaboration with Global Tribe Team:
Logo Design Content
Design Brand Development
Web Design
Online Shop Design
Social Media Marketing
Outwear Photoshoot
Advertising Photo Editing

Client: Global Tribe Founders, Cynthia Fernandez & JJ

Location: Almonte, Sevilla, Spain
August 2020

In the year of 2020, the founders of Global Tribe Biodynamic Ecovillage, decided to extend their community and it's great biodynamic space, by opening a Handmade organic fashion called Global Tribe Boutique. From belts, cardigans, tops, skirts, pants to unique jewelry and various handmade items needed an online shop, a good marketing strategy, a Facebook and Instagram page, along with an Etsy account. It was an absolutely unforgettable collaboration, working together within this creative hub, made of artists, designers, free spirits and kind, open hearts. More on:

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