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Improving Sleep Quality Manual by Tatjana Trajkovska, dr. med

Logo Update
Book Publication Manual Design
Video Intro Banners Design

Client: Tatjana Trajkovska, dr. med

Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia
Year: 2021

It is a true honor to be a part of this wonderful project that we've created together with Tatjana Trajkovska, dr. med and her web designer Katja Petrun. Many of us, today, occasionally experience difficulties sleeping. And since dr. Tatjana faced those issues herself, she developed a program throughout the years, consisting of 9 modules, and helped many to sleep better. As she finished writing it all in one book, we designed a publication, escorted with video instructions that guides us, step-by-step in changing our daily routine, from controlling our thoughts, changing our eating habits, to exercise, breathing techniques, meditation and gratefulness.

The leading colors used are warm golden shades accompanied by indigo purple, to portray the colors of dreams. Logo was refreshed from the previous form and banners were placed in videos, finalizing the project with unified visual standards.

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