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MindKind Affirmation Cards for Body Health

Illustration & Painting
Card Design
Card Box Design
Instruction Booklet Design
Thank You Cards Design

Client: Michelle Kastelic, founder of MindKind_mk

Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia

"Create the life you've always wanted" is the leading slogan of one of the newly launched @mindkind_cards MindKind Affirmation Cards Set. The founder of MindKind @mindkind_mk - Michelle Kastelic has created a set of 60 daily affirmations, to guide us and to help us to stay on the right path and be offered the right things at the right time. This set focuses on our Body Health, reminding us of ourfreedom of choice (both in physical and nonphysical worlds) in terms of daily selection of our thoughts, eating habits, exercise and meditation,following the signs that the universe is giving us.

We started with illustrating the head card illustration of a female figurine, with one hand placed over the head and the other at theorigin of the light at the navel, (the center of our body), symbolizing, as the author wrote, "the whole source of energy is within ourselves".

We continued with card watercolor backgrounds and golden text displaying the affirmations, finishing with in-tuning the card box and shaping special thank you cards. A truly wonderful collaboration and an opportunity for #selfawareness #selfimprovement #selfreflection #selfhelp  finding #lifepurpose #selfdiscovery #selfgrowth and #selfrealizationfor each soul walking on earth.

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